Our Mission is to provide affordable acupuncture, Chinese herbs and qigong in Savannah, GA.

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit expanding access to holistic medicine.

Acupuncture treatments are from $25 - $45.

Pay whatever you want in that range. No questions asked.


What We Treat

Acupuncture treats many non-emergency conditions in a safe and drug free way. Some can be addressed in a short time.
Others are chronic conditions that acupuncture can help over time by reducing symptoms and increasing quality of life.

Savannah Community Acupuncture invites you to get in touch with us if you have any questions about how we can help.

We also specialize in the following:

anxiety, depression, PTSD & general stress

allergies, asthma & COPD

Women's Health
menopause, prenatal care & menstrual disorders

Pain Relief
knee pain, migraines, shingles & arthritis

Cancer Support
nausea & other side effects of chemo/radiation

Patient Reviews

Want to learn what others are saying about the benefits of acupuncture?

We have many reviews from patients who have used acupuncture for all types of conditions.