Our Mission is to provide affordable acupuncture and herbal therapy in Savannah, GA.

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit expanding access to holistic medicine.


What We Treat

Acupuncture and herbs help many conditions in a safe and drug free way. We focus on a wide array of internal medicine disorders. Learn more about what we do (and don't) treat by clicking here.

Here are just some of the conditions we focus on:

anxiety, depression, PTSD & insomnia

allergies, asthma & post viral syndromes

Women's Health
menopause, postpartum & menstrual disorders

IBS, acid reflux, IBD & constipation

Cancer Support
nausea & other side effects of chemo/radiation

Patient Reviews

Want to learn what others are saying about the benefits of Chinese Medicine?

We encourage you to check out the many reviews we have on google places. Here are just a few others..